Effectiveness is the measure of truth

An app which tracks mood against lifestyle habits.



MED allows users to record their behaviours in three areas of health - Mind, Exercise and Diet.

In addition to this, it also lets users record noticeable changes in how they feel. Over time it tracks correlations between mood and behaviour. Users can then visualise the data to gain insight about themselves and make positive lifestyle changes.



The interface needed to be clear enough to record the behaviours necessary to generate enough data to have a meaningful impact.

The graphing software had to be intelligent enough to notice patterns in behaviour which led to particularly positive or negative outcomes and present them in a coherent way for the user to understand.


The simple act of recording my behaviour made me more aware of what I was doing day to day.

The project was born out of a simple frustration of using apps which claimed similar functionality but had a poor user experience, or simply didn’t work as advertised. It helped me to pay attention to what was happening. Seeing the effect of individual ingredients and specific exercise types over a long period was something I never could have understood without the app analysing and visualising the data for me.